John Dunne / QFA, Grad Dip, CFP

Standard Membership

Standard Membership applies to those who are accredited under the Central Bank’s grandfathering rules and who meet the minimum standards through their years of experience in specific areas of the Industry. These members may apply to LIA as a grandfathered individual i.e. Standard Member.

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Miriam Leonard / QFA
Miriam Leonard

Qualified Membership

Qualified Membership applies to those holding one or more LIA qualifications and/or designations. Anyone in the process of completing their studies will be deemed to be unqualified until they have successfully completed all modules.

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Alice Blunden / LIA Education Manager
Alice Blunden

Student Membership

Once you have been registered on a module you are considered to be a student member of LIA. Full membership is not required when enrolling on our modules and courses.

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Other Benefits

You've trusted us with your professional development, so we're continually looking to invest in you.

Corporate Membership

Corporate access to LIA is open to companies who have a number of employees as either members of LIA or studying LIA exams.

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Golf Society Membership

All LIA members are entitled to take part in our golf society every year as one of their LIA membership benefits and are encouraged to invite guests (subject to availability).

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