LIA Regional Committees


Are you in touch with your Regional Committee?

Our eight Regional Committees throughout the country are made up of volunteers (all of whom work within the industry) who strive to offer our members engaging and practical seminars and events. While the main focus of the committees is to provide local CPD and Business Value Events, they also offer members an opportunity to enhance their localised networks and introduce them to some of the best financial speakers in the country.

Your region needs you

The committees are there to provide you with a mean to further develop ideas for your business and a forum for ideas sharing. However, they also rely on members
from each region to provide direction and feedback on what the membership requires. The committees can only be effective if the membership in the region is engaged and prepared to help frame the agenda. Our Regional committees are the heart of LIA and your input into them is vital in providing the right educationaland developmental focus for your region.

Find out more

To find out more about your committee and who your local contact is email us at, your Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson would be delighted to receive your feedback or help with a query. You might even consider becoming more directly involved by joining your Regional Committee!