About LIA

LIA is the professional education and development association for those who work in all areas of the Financial Services industry.

What Our Mission/Purpose Is

LIA’s mission is “to enhance the knowledge, competence and skills of our members and students who work in all areas of the Financial Services industry”.

This translates into assisting our members and students in the following three distinct ways:

  1. Attaining educational qualifications and resulting MCC (Minimum Competency Code) accreditations (i.e. designations) through our various educational courses
  2. Retaining their designations by keeping up to date with legislative, regulatory and industry changes – through our annual Regional and National “face-to-face” CPD seminars and our online CPD facility, MyCPD
  3. Developing themselves personally and professionally through our NON MCC courses, our Regional and National NON CPD seminars and workshops, and regular relevant articles published on our website and in our quarterly journal, The Financial Professional.

LIA Structure

The structure of LIA includes the Board of Directors, the National Committee, eight Regional Committees, the Finance Committee, Education Committee, and Member Benefits Committee which enable us to keep in contact with and carry out the wishes of our members. We have an office and staff in Dublin, who manage the day-to-day running of the Association.

LIA History

LIA was originally founded in the UK in 1972 and the first Irish region was established in Cork in 1978. Subsequently, regions were set up in Dublin, Limerick, the Northeast, Northwest, Midlands, Southeast, and West of Ireland. In May 1993, Life Insurance Association Ireland became an autonomous body with the full support and encouragement of our colleagues in the UK.

Improving Professional Standards

Over the past 23 years LIA in Ireland has played a key role in improving the standards of professionalism amongst those who give and support financial advice. We have worked closely with our industry partners and with the Central Bank in expanding the services provided. When LIA Ireland was established in 1993 our membership was 630. This has grown significantly and recently surpassed 10,000.