LIA Gold Medal Awards

For many of us getting over the line to pass an exam is more than enough to rejoice. But to recognise the highest standards of academic achievement through our educational programmes, LIA has developed a number of Gold Medal awards for students who have shown exceptional merit and consistency through their course of study.

The three programmes of study for which LIA provides Gold Medals are as follows:

Trish Nolan QFA Award

This is awarded to students who maintain a minimum mark of 80% over the course of the six QFA modules which make up the Professional Diploma in Financial Advice. Attaining the Trish Nolan QFA Award is as much test of endurance as academic endeavour, with all modules to be completed within two academic years.

The award is named after the late Trish Nolan in recognition of the role she played in LIA’s education programmes, especially the QFA.


Elizabeth Power - Trish Nolan Award

Elizabeth Power – Winner of the inaugural Trish Nolan Award for QFAs


Credit Union Gold Medal Award (CUA and CUC)

The Credit Union Movement has embraced the educational offering that LIA provides with over 1,000 Credit Union staff and directors having gone through LIA educational programmes. In recognition of the study and dedication these members have put in to achieving the CUA and CUC designations, the Credit Union Gold Medal has been established.


Mairead O Leary - CU Gold Medal Winner

Mairead O Leary – Credit Union Gold Medal Winner in 2014

RPA Gold Medal Award

The newest of our Gold Medal awards, the RPA Gold Medal award is presented to an RPA who has succeeded in gaining over 80% in both the RPA I and RPA II exams. The RPA is one of LIA’s specialist designations which surpasses minimum competency requirements and is designed for those who wish to take their knowledge in the area financial planning for retirement beyond MCC levels. As a result, the recipient of this award will have shown tremendous dedication and achievement through their studies.


Claire Cunnigham RPA Gold Medal

Claire Cunningham presented with the RPA Gold Medal

For more information on LIA’s Gold Medal awards for academic achievement and the criteria for attainment contact our education dept at