Study Tips for LIA Exams

At LIA we have designed a range of study tips and approaches to help, support and guide you as you approach your exam. Your exam module will  require at least  a total of 130 hours study. This total is on the basis of blended learning i.e. reading the textbook and using all of the additional study resources available to you.


Study tips

LIA Deputy CEO, Joanne Keane outlines how best to structure your study to achieve a positive result for your exam with information to assist you with your study timetable to help  prepare you as you approach your exam:


LIA modules are examinable through both Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) and written exams. LIA Education Manager, Elaine Culligan, advises below on the best ways for students to maximise their performance before their MCQ and written exams.

MCQ exam tips

How best to prepare for taking an MCQ exam:

For a full listing of MCQ tips please click here.

Written exam tips

The best tips for maximising marks for your written exam.

For a full list of written exam tips please click here.

For more study tips for your exam consult your ‘Study Buddy’ or contact our education department at