Programme Fees

Registration Fee

The registration fee for each module is indicated on the individual course page and includes examination entry, textbook, webinars as available, and access to our online student resource “Your LIA”, for study supports. See here for our full list of study resources.

Re-Registration Fee

Re-registration fees apply to students in the following circumstances:

  • Students who have been unsuccessful in a previous exam;
  • Students who have failed to attend on their chosen exam date;
  • Students who are deferring to an alternative exam sitting.

The standard Re-Registration fee of €165 includes:

  • Entry to the examination;
  • Access to “Your LIA”  which includes all of the online educational supports for the module
  • Online (PDF) version of the most up-to-date textbook for the module (within “Your LIA”)

If you are re-registering you should note that all textbooks undergo major periodic updates. In particular textbooks with tax / budgetary content are updated on an annual basis. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the most up-to-date materials for your examination, including an up-to-date textbook. A PDF version of the current textbook will be available within “Your LIA” but students may also purchase a hard copy (at a re-issue cost of €35 per textbook). In all cases fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.