Professional Certificate in General Insurance (APA Personal General Insurance)

Professional Certificate in General Insurance (for QFAs) (APA (Personal General Insurance))


This single-module qualification, at Level 7 on the National Framework of Qualification, builds on the Professional Diploma in Financial Advice by introducing risk and general insurance, building a familiarity with the general insurance market in Ireland and providing an understanding of its regulation. It is designed to provide candidates with an understanding of the underwriting and claims processes in general insurance and a knowledge of the nature and scope of products available in the general insurance market.

Successful students will receive the Professional Certificate in General Insurance (for QFAs) from UCD and in addition are eligible to apply to LIA, for the designation APA (Personal General Insurance). It is the APA (Personal General Insurance) designation which satisfies the Central Bank’s Minimum Competency Code for those who wish to sell, advise on, or undertake specified functions, for the categories of retail financial product ‘Personal General Insurance’ and ‘Private Medical Insurance and Associated Insurances’ subject to meeting CPD requirements and maintaining membership of LIA.

QFAs who hold the APA (Personal General Insurance) designation, thereby are accredited to sell, advise on, or undertake specified functions for seven of the eight retail financial product categories under the Code.

The single module of this course has been developed by the Insurance Institute of Ireland and the course will be facilitated by them. LIA will deal with any queries or issues that you may have, however, the textbook will be issued and supports made available by the III.

Course Aims

On successful completion of this course QFAs will be able to:

  • Describe the legal principles and regulatory framework within which the provision of general insurance products and advice operates;
  • Explain the type of general insurance needs of consumers, the important issues arising as a result of these needs and matching those needs to products in the general insurance market;
  • Evaluate underwriting procedures and policy wording;
  • Summarise the claims procedure and the risk management process as they apply to general insurance products.

Mark Finnerty QFA RPA

Professional Certificate in General Insurance Graduate “I already had the QFA but wanted to be able to avail of opportunities to cross sell certain general insurance products. The course allowed me to do this and speak with more authority and confidence to customers who had General Insurance policies through our sister company (a general insurance company/broker)...”

Next Exam Session:
September 2017
Close Off Date:
30 Jun 2017

Course Modules

General Insurance for QFAs

  • General Insurance - Risks and Insurance Market
  • Healthcare System and Private Medical Market
  • General Insurance Legal Principles
  • General Insurance Products
    • Motor
    • Health
    • Package Polices
  • Underwriting Procedures and Policy Wordings
  • General Insurance Claims
  • General Insurance Market Regulation
  • Non-insurance Services
To enrol on this module, candidates must also have already successfully completed the Professional Diploma in Financial Advice and hold the QFA designation.


  • Multiple-choice
  • 2 hours duration
  • Pass mark 40%

Next Exam Date:
09 Sep 2017
Close Off Date:
30 Jun 2017