Professional Certificate in Consumer Credit (APA Consumer Credit)

Why the APA (Consumer Credit)?


The Professional Certificate in Consumer Credit, leading to the APA (Consumer Credit) satisfies Minimum Competency requirements for the category ‘Consumer Credit and Associated Insurances’, as identified by the Central Bank in the Minimum Competency Code.

To be awarded the APA (Consumer Credit) designation by LIA, you must register for and successfully complete a single module educational programme offered by LIA’s academic education partner, the Institute of Banking which is a recognised college of University College Dublin (UCD). Those who successfully complete this programme are awarded the Professional Certificate in Consumer Credit by UCD – a 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) qualification at level 7 of the National Framework of Qualifications.

Note that it is the APA (Consumer Credit) designation that is recognised by the Central Bank for Minimum Competency purposes (as distinct from the module or academic qualification completed) subject to meeting CPD requirements.

The programme examines all the major areas of consumer credit including credit agreements, loans, credit cards and hire purchase as well as looking at the Consumer Credit Act and Consumer Protection Code. Candidates are introduced to key areas such as risk-assessment, issues of overindebtedness and the supports available to consumers who find themselves in difficulty repaying credit. This Professional Certificate also analyses the current types of associated assurance and insurance products currently on the market.

Course Aims

This course is designed to provide candidates with the ability to:

  • Describe the growth of consumer credit protection and discuss the impact of consumer credit legislation on the Irish consumer and how this impacts on the provision of financial products and services to consumers;
  • Discuss the pertinent credit issues, from the perspective of a lender and how they impact the consumer;
  • Explain the concept of over-indebtedness and describe the supports and services available to consumers who are over-indebted;
  • Analyse the consumer credit products and services available to consumers within the regulated framework.

Brendan O’Leary CUA QFA

Professional Certificate in Consumer Credit Graduate “ It is vital that people availing of credit are treated in a fair and transparent manner... I have no hesitation in recommending this course as it covers all the requirements...clearly sets out the obligations and logic of compliance... has enhanced my confidence when advising our members in all aspects of Consumer Credit.”

Next Exam Session:
September 2017
Close Off Date:
30 Jun 2017

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Course Modules

Consumer Credit

  • Consumer Credit Protection
  • Consumer Credit Act and Consumer Protection Code
  • Provisions of Relevant Codes of Conduct applying to Regulated Financial Services Providers and Retail Credit Firms
  • Consumer’s Rights under Contract Law
  • Consumer Credit - Areas Covered:
    • Overdrafts
    • Credit Cards
    • Personal Loans
    • Hire Purchase Loans
    • Credit Sale Agreements
    • Consumer Hire Agreements
    • Regulation of Credit Intermediaries
    • Money Lending and Pawnbroking
  • Advertising and Offering of Consumer Credit
  • Form and Content of Credit Agreements
  • Credit Institutions and Customer Charges
  • Associated Insurances
    • Permanent Health Insurance
    • Payment Protection Insurance
    • Return to Invoice Insurance
  • Credit Risk
  • Security for Consumer Credit Lending
  • Recovery of Personal Advances
  • Credit Rating
  • Anti Money Laundering Provisions
  • Consumers and Data Protection


  • Written paper
  • 2 hours duration
  • Pass mark 40%

Next Exam Date:
16 Sep 2017
Close Off Date:
30 Jun 2017