The questions below come up on a regular basis. To assist you in finding the information you’re looking for we have grouped questions by category.

Qualified Membership

Can I transfer my Designation and Membership from LIA to another organisation i.e. IOB / III

No. There are specific policies in place that you must adhere to once you become qualified. You must remain a paid up member of the Association that awarded you with the Designation / Qualification and you must participate in a Continuing Professional Development programme if the designation carries a CPD requirement. This is required in order to continue to meet MCC and have the right to use the designatory letters associated with the qualification.

If a member is a QFA with LIA, are they automatically a member of the Insurance Institute?

Yes. QFA Membership of LIA is a joint membership of both organisations (with one subscription payable to LIA). LIA will provide the member’s details to the III so the member can be contacted by the III to offer them the facility to attend their seminars etc. However if the member holds other qualifications with the III, they may still be required to pay an additional subscription to the III.

What benefits do I gain from Qualified Membership?

There are many additional benefits available to you once you become qualified. Go to our membership section view them.



What are LIA’s hours of business?

Normal business hours 

Open Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm)



When is my CPD Annual Return due?

Your CPD Annual Return is due by 31st January each year. However, please be aware that you do not have until 31st January to complete CPD hours, all CPD hours must be completed by 31st December of the previous year

I attended an event and want to know whether it qualifies for CPD hours?

You should contact the organiser of the event and check whether they have applied to LIA for accreditation. If the event has been approved for CPD, LIA will have awarded a CPD Accreditation Number for the event and advised the organiser. You will need this reference number to log the event on your record. If you attended an event which has not yet been approved, and wish to get approval for this event, you will need to forward a ‘CPD Request Form’. 

I have not met my CPD requirements for this year, how will that affect me?

Any member who fails to complete the CPD requirements, in any given year (i.e. fails to complete their required hours, fails to complete one hour for each category they are accredited in or fails to complete one hour related to ethics) will, in the first instance, be given a grace period to ‘catch up’ and complete any shortfall in CPD requirements by 31st December of the following CPD year (in addition to the requirements for that CPD year). A five-year shortfall warning penalty will also be applied to the member’s record i.e. if the member fails to complete the CPD requirements in any of the five years following the first failure to comply, they will have their qualification or membership status removed and will not be in a position to give financial advice until their designation or membership status is reinstated.

If you do not have the required CPD hours completed for the year, please ensure you make a CPD Annual Return with whatever hours you have completed.

Are there circumstances where I can get a reduction in CPD hours?

Yes, for the time spent on maternity leave you can receive a decrease in in hours. You need to complete a ‘Pro Rata Reduction Form’ and return it to out CPD department who will work out the reduction.

The  ‘Pro Rata Reduction Form’  can also be used where members have been certified out of work fro more than two months.

However, if a member has been out of the country or is unemployed the requirements must be met for CPD in order to keep hold of their designation.

How do I earn CPD hours?

CPD credit is provided for attendance at seminars/training events, workshops, tested e-learning courses/modules, courses and other events of equivalent standing.

How do you know that the information I supply on my CPD Annual Return form is true?

This programme (like almost every other CPD programme that exists) is to a large extent based on trust and honesty. It would be impossible to follow-up on every member and verify that the information they have supplied is accurate. However, we do randomly spot-check a percentage of all CPD Annual Returns every year. Anyone who is chosen for a spot-check is required to produce original copies of their personal record sheets, along with confirmation of attendance at events as verification of the information supplied on their CPD Annual Return form. LIA reserves the right to contact any of the organisations/people listed on the personal record sheets to verify that an event or activity took place and/or that the person was in attendance.

How many CPD hours are required each year?

An overall total of 15* CPD hours must be completed by all accredited individuals (e.g. QFAs, CUAs, APAs and CPD Members) each year. Those holding more than one LIA designation are required to complete only one ‘set’ of 15 hours.

Under the Minimum Competency Code (MCC), at least one of your 15 CPD hours must be related to Ethics and at least one of the remaining 14 hours must be relevant to each category of retail financial product in which you are accredited. The good news is that in some cases, individual CPD activities can satisfy the one-hour requirement across more than one category (e.g. some LIA CPD Seminars, LIA exams, online MyCPD ( ) modules etc).

Holders of LIA Credit Union Governance (CUG) designation are required to return a maximum of 6 hours CPD per annum. The CPD hours undertaken by a CUG should be relevant to the Credit Union curriculum.

*unless additional catch-up hours are required or a pro-rata adjustment has been made.

How do I make my CPD Annual Return?

To make your CPD Annual Return you will need to click into the tab marked “Submit your Annual Return”. This facility is only available from mid-November onwards and all members will be notified when the facility is open. Once you click into this tab, the CPD Annual Return Form will appear. This needs to be completed in full with all the required information and once this is done, you will receive an email confirming your CPD Annual Return has been made and the CPD hours you submitted will automatically be entered onto your record on the LIA database which you should be able to view immediately.

 I was on maternity leave, can I apply for a reduction in CPD hours?

Yes, you are entitled to a reduction in CPD hours for the time you were on maternity leave but you will need to complete and return the CPD ‘Pro Rata Reduction Form’ in order for the CPD department to work out your reduction in hours. A copy of this form can be found on the main CPD section.

I have logged all my hours in the LIA CPD log on the website. Do I still need to make a CPD Annual Return?

Yes, all QFAs, CUAs, CUGs and CPD Members of LIA are required to make a CPD Annual Return each year. The CPD log is a record for your own convenience to allow you input your CPD hours as you complete them during the year and to ensure you have your CPD logged in one place. This facility allows you to see at a glance events you have logged yourself and events that have been automatically logged for you i.e. LIA seminars, MyCPD modules or LIA exams.

This log does not constitute a CPD Annual Return and your CPD Annual Return needs to made separately.

I made an error while entering my details in the CPD log, how do I amend this?

If you have made an error logging CPD hours and wish to have this amended, you will need to email us ( and we will amend your record for you.